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Get Found Online with SEO that gets you ranked higher in Search Engine Results Page (SERPs).  We’re experts in search, content marketing and website development.

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From the initial audit of your site and learning your business, we can formulate a balanced plan that starts showing results sooner. Start improving your search rankings today.

No mandatroy Lock-In Contracts

The results are what keep our clients working with us. We don’t need to lock you into lengthy contracts because our work more than pays for itself in increased traffic and sales.

Australian Based Team

Local Sydney based team of expert SEOs – search engine optimisation providers – website designers, content writers and creators and SEO strategists.  All in house Sydney.

Found online seo agency sydney

Get found online with better search rankings

What’s the point of having a website if nobody can find it online?  

Found Online SEO gets higher search engine rankings for businesses in highly competitive markets online. 

Where other SEOs provide limited support focused on on-page keywords and automated tracking reports, we provide comprehensive, holistic search optimisation.  From on-page optimisation to website performance, link building and new content, get found online with Found Online.  


Found Online SEO for all businesses

We help businesses in competitive environments get to page one online, no matter the industry they're in.

Local Business SEO

Local search engine optimization to improve business visibility for local search results.  We work with any business that has a physical location or serves a geographic area.  If you’re a store-front or service provider this is ideal for your business. 

Ecommerce SEO

Selling products online needs unique product descriptions  as well as a bigger focus on user experience.  We will optimise your headlines, product descriptions, meta data, internal links, and navigational structure for search and user experience.

Enterprise SEO

Supporting the entire marketing mix, we provide comprehensive digital marketing services to improve your visibility online as well as build brands your customers love.  We align your online activity with business goals to drive growth.

Free Website Audit

Get an obligation-free website audit and search report.
Discover untapped opportunities to improve your search rankings and drive more users to your site. 

What Found Online can do for you

Be Found Online with a comprehensive approach to SEO


Local SEO | Ecommerce

Get better results with a comprehensive SEO appraoch and local SEO services.  keyword optimisation, on-page SEO, technical SEO,  link building, local directory listings, Google my business page optimisation, content, schema markup and Google snippets.


Your website needs to be built in a way that not only serves your audience, but also satisfies the requirements of search engines.   Our website design and  development  includes: new websites, WordPress and Shopify customisations, plugin upgrades and website management. 


We provide keyword optimised content crafted with your customers’ online behaviour in mind.  Target backlinks, engage audiences or pitch your product.   Our work includes content writing, images, social media content, social media ad, website content, guest blog articles.


We provide social media management services to help you attract, engage and convert more customers.  This includes content creation, account management, advertising creative and advertising campaign management.   See why social media matters to SEO.


Pay Per Click (PPC), search advertising to get you top of page 1.  Around 20% of all website traffic comes from PPC advertising according to Google.  
We can manage your PPC campaign and help you maximise ROI with smarter buying and ad copy.


We take a strategic insight led approach to your search marketing.  This starts with full analytics, competitor analysis, keyword position tracking, and website performance analysis.  We also provide regular reports to monitor how we’re tracking against what we said we would do for you.

What is SEO?

SEO or “Search Engine Optimisation” is focused on getting you found online and driving traffic to your website.   It is the practice of optimising your website and its content so that it ranks high in search engine results pages (SERPs) for specific phrases (search terms) and words (keywords).

Optimising a website for search is normally broken into three main SEO categories;

  • On-page SEO:  Everything done on the page and to your content to optimise it for set keywords and search terms.  This includes things like metadata and title tags, content and proper keyword analysis and selection. 
  • Off-page SEO:  Everything done online that isn’t part of your content to encourage traffic to your website.  This includes things like backlink building and social media among other things. 
  • Technical SEO:  This is focused on optimising your website so it is easily read and understood by search engines.  It also includes things like website performance.

Good SEO, like all good digital marketing, starts with the customer.  What is it your customers want to know?  Do they have unanswered questions?  What are they searching for online?  Knowing this is critical to building the right keyword and search term strategies.  Once you have the right keywords selected, you can then optimise your digital profile to rank higher in SERPs for search queries your customers are making.  

Why SEO Matters?

SEO is a must if you want to grow your business.  Because without it, you won’t appear in SERPs when your customers are most open to learning about what your business has to offer. 

Customers are searching

87% of customers start their purchase decisions with research online and that research starts with a search query.   Therefore, if your website doesn’t appear in the search results when your customers conduct this research, your chances of a sale are going to be pretty slim.  So it makes sense to optimise your website for popular search queries your customers make. 

SEO is how customers find you

Search engine optimisation builds exposure to you and your brand through increased online visibility and traffic to your website.

SEO is Scaleable

That’s what makes SEO such an effective tool at scaling your business.  Also, SEO is one of the most scalable marketing activities you can do.   Increase search terms and keywords you optimise for to increase traffic, as long as your content is relevant.   Even better, it has a direct impact on business growth.

I was impressed with how well they understood my business and were then able to build a great website that reflected the style of my photography so well.

Joseph Giunta

Frequently asked questions

Questions we get a lot at Found Online

Here are some answers to the questions we receive the most about our services.
If we missed anything, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to help

Is SEO still relevant in 2021?

Yes! SEO is how your get your business found both online and to help customers find your store location.  There’s no point having a website if nobody can find it online and there’s no way of finding your website in SERPs unless you have implemented good SEO practice.

If you’re looking to grow your business the best way to do that is to get more leads online.  SEO is the number one determining factor for generating online traffic.

To increase your website traffic, you need to increase your visibility online.  That is, to be seen for more search terms and keywords.  To increase the number of good enquiries you receive you need to rank higher for the right search terms and keywords in order to attract more ready to hire customers.

Furthermore, we have seen local searches and “near me” search terms boom in popularity in recent times.  Therefore, it is critical that you also get your business listed high in search engine results pages (SERPs) for local and “near me” searches as well as having your website optimised for national organic search.

Does Found Online have offices outside of Sydney?

We are located in Sydney, but we help all Australian businesses no matter where you are.  We can meet online via video conference, or we can travel to you, whatever state you’re in, to meet. 

How long has Found Online been in business?

As a business, Found Online is a relatively young SEO provider. However, it’s co-founders have been providing SEO to business across all industries in Australia for more than 20 years each.  With combined 40 years’ experience in search, you can rely on our SEO services to get you more visibility and traffic online.

Is paying for Googe ads the same thing as SEO?

No.  PPC Google ads are not the same thing as SEO.  SEO is about getting your online profile to rank in SERPs organically.   It doesn’t cost you anything when a visitors clicks a link to land on your website.  While PPC stands for pay per click, this type of advertising means you pay every time someone lands on your website via a paid for link.  The cost that is paid is called Cost per Click and this varies based on the keyword your advertising for, how much competition there is and is based on daily market rates.   Whereas SEO is about getting search engines to serve your content for relevant search queries for free.  SEO delivers far greater website volume than paid Google ads do too.  While ads may help drive traffic to your website, organic search results still drive the majority of all websites traffic online. 

Advertising in search is a good way to get to the top of page 1 immediately while SEO can take a little longer to see such good results.  However, in the long run, SEO is what will bring you the most online traffic and visibility for your business.

Why aren’t I in search engine results? 

SEO mistakes are common and easy to make without realising it.  With penalties automatically given for websites that fail to follow search engine guidelines, you could be making SEO mistakes that are hurting your search results. 

To make sure you’re not making these common SEO mistakes, check out our article 12 mistakes to check if you’re not appearing in search engine results pages or get in touch with Found Online for a free audit report.

Do I need to pay for SEO?

You can easily DIY SEO.  However, with increasing competition online, marketing teams that are stretched with competing responsibility and the importance of website performance for SEO, more than half of all businesses online are choosing to higher professional SEO instead.  And there’s not surprise as to why. 

SEO takes a lot of time and effort as well as a unique skill set that most businesses don’t have internally.  SEO service providers normally have teams of SEO experts, content writers and website developers at their fingertips.  

With more than 50% of all website traffic coming from organic search results, SEO is critical to business success.  So why wouldn’t you employ professionals?

Found Online guided our social media and content strategy which helped us build a successful business online.

Niko De Cseuz