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About our team of SEO experts Australia

Found Online is a team of local SEO experts, local content writers and website developers that help businesses improve visibility, traffic and enquiries online.

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SEO Experts

SEO experts, content writers and website developers working together under one roof to get the best search rankings possible for your business.

Australian Team

We are locally based making it easier for you to work with us. We understand your customers and your local market. Based in Sydney, we serve businesses across Australia.

No Lock-In Contracts

We don’t need to lock you into contracts because we know you will love our services so much. SEO is an ongoing thing so choose an SEO provider that works.

Growth Focused

We’re driven by your businesses growth and success.  That’s why we take a data-driven, goal-oriented approach to develop great SEO strategies that improve your online visibility.

About our SEO Experts

Local expertise in an Australian based SEO team

We are a local Australian SEO provider and local SEO specialist based in Sydney.  We work with businesses of all sizes and across all industries in Australia, no matter where you may be.

With more than 40 years of combined marketing, SEO, website development and small business expertise, we have proven our ability to get businesses like yours to the top of first-page search results. 

Working with us you’ll feel as if we have joined the team.  We live and breathe what you do so that we can properly support your business and your marketing team.  Our primary goal is to optimise your online profile for high-quality keywords and search terms that drive high-quality traffic to your website.  We will get you higher in SERPs as well bring you higher quality traffic that is ready to buy.

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Founded by SEO Experts

Our humble beginnings

When covid hit, businesses needed to move quickly to get online and improve their search rankings. That’s because that’s where the sales went.  Sales representatives were off the road and consumers were changing their shopping behaviour and this was driving a surge in e-commerce.  

Starting with a few freelance jobs, we started seeing a trend.  Businesses were spending tens of thousands of dollars with SEO agencies that failed to get them better search results.   We kept coming across startups, small business owners and service providers all with the same story. That being that they were locked into expensive, year-long SEO contracts and getting poor results.      

With 40 years combined experience in digital marketing, website development and SEO, Found Online was founded in response to the growing need for good SEO providers.  

Our motivation was and still is to see our clients flourish with better traffic and better conversions that drive revenue and profit for their business.  We are driven by our results-focused passion to see our clients win online.

Brain for seo expertise and technology

Up-to-Date SEO expertise and technology

The ever-changing nature of the online market can be overwhelming.   Increased competition, rapidly changing user behaviour and technologies can be hard to stay abreast of.   Staying up to date and maintaining the right skill in your business is tough for any organisation.

Yet effective digital marketing requires the right skillset and expertise to succeed.   From technical knowledge to the ability to adapt your SEO campaign to keep up with the shifting online landscape and constant Google algorithm updates, the right industry experts are critical to your success.  

To stay up-to-date, we continually invest in training, research and software to ensure that we stay at the cutting-edge of digital marketing.   That means our team has the tools and the knowledge to ensure they can meet your business goals. 

I was impressed with how well they understood my business and were then able to build a great website that reflected the style of my photography so well. ​


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Ask Our SEO Experts - FAQs

Here are some answers to the questions we receive the most about our services.  If we missed anything, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to help

What does an SEO expert do?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation which is the process of optimising your website  and its content so that it ranks high in search engine results for specific phrases (search terms) and words (keywords).  

An SEO expert understands how on-page SEO, off-page SEO and technical SEO work together to maximise your search rankings.  They coordinate and execute all website and content updates to ensure your site and other online profiles are fully optimised.  These days, website performance also makes up the mix of SEO experts capabilities and focus.  This is how they get wesbsites to rank higher in SERPs.

View our full list of SEO services.

What an SEO expert offers as part of their services differs from SEO company to SEO company.   But there are some things you should expect from your SEO expert.  

How long has Found Online been in business?

Found Online was recently established at the start of 2021, however, each of the team at Found Online have over 20 years expertise in SEO, digital marketing or website development.  That’s why working with our SEO experts you know you are in good hands.  

We have a proven track record of getting businesses dramatically improve search engine rankings.  These have lead to our clients seeing tripple the traffic, enquiries and sales as a result.

Where are Found Online SEO Experts based?

Our team of SEO experts are based in the inner western suburbs of Sydney, in Alexadria, borderng Everliegh.  We are only 4km out from the Sydney CBD.  

However, Found Online can be found online serving businesses from across Australia.  That’s the thing with SEO, it can be dne from almost anywhere.  

Our team of SEO experts are also happy to travel to meet you at your offices, whatever city or state you’re in, in Australia.

How long do our SEO experts take to get you better rankings?

That depends on the SEO company that you’re working with.  Many providers say it takes 6-12 months.    In general, we’ve found our SEO experts get most clients to page 1 of search results in far less time than this.  However, it is important to note that the time it takes is dependant on a number of factors. 

Firstly, the competitiveness of the industry you’re operating in and how your competitiors react online will play a big part in how long it will take to get your website to page 1.

Secondly, your website performance is going to have a big impact on your SEO.  This will depend on where your website is managed and whether we are given the access to help improve this for you. 

Lastly, the SEO package you chose to buy and how much you invest in your SEO will obviously matter.  That is,  how many hours and what services you invest in each month.

How we work

Our primary goal being to optimise your online profile for high quality keywords and search terms that drive high quality traffic to your website.  We will get you higher in SERPs as well bring you higher quality traffic that is ready to buy.

Audit and Consult

Firstly, we will audit your entire online profile to determine what you’re doing well and what can be improved on.  Discussing this with you, we will then determine target goals we want to achieve and work towards.

Our audit and first consultation is broken into three parts;

  • Analytics and Keywords:
    • What are your most popular keywords?
    • How are you performing for them?
    • How are your competitors performing for them? and
    • Where are their gaps or opportunities to capitalise on?
  • Competitor Analysis
    • Where are their backlinks coming from and which should we target?
    • Their unique positioning
    • Content and how it stacks up next to yours
    • Based on this, opportunities for your business to create unique content and positioning.
  • Website Performance
    • Speed and user experience
    • What is holding back your SEO results
    • Plan for necessary updates and improvements

Recommended Plan

After auditing your online presence, we will use the findings and data to develop a recommended plan of attack for your SEO.  This will include the following.

  • Recommended keywords for optimising your website
  • On-page optimisation plan
  • Keyword map – allocating keywords to each page to avoid cannibalisation
  • Content plan for content creation and updates 
  • Backlink outreach program and tracking 
  • Target directory listings with updates for listings achieved

SEO Implementation

We will then commence with your SEO implementation.

  • Blog Articles: Our content team produce beautiful, keyword optimised blog articles for you.  We can also optimise your existing blog articles further if necessary.
  • Backlinks: Through outreach programs and quality content, we will build a profile of backlinks to your website at.  We will also look for and remove toxic backlinks that could be hurting your rankings. 
  • Local Directory Listings: We will build a profile of Local Directory Listings with links back to you website.
  • Google my Business Page: Optimising your Google business listing is critical for local and enterprise SEO.  We will complete the profile and create unique locality-based content that drives people to your website.
  • Programming code Analysis and Modification: Analysing your website code, we will provide recommendations for modifications to improve the website’s performance.
  • Web Development: We can also assist with website development and customisation services.

Review, report and adjust

Providing monthly reports as well as set up your analytics and search console access, we will keep you abreast of our performance and how we’re tracking to set goals.We live and die by the data so we’re looking at it daily.  That’s how we can quickly adjust campaigns when necessary and how we maximise your SEO results.

How much do SEO Experts cost?

When you consider the impact having the right SEO experts on your team can create, it would be fair to say they pay for themselves in revenue growth they can generate.  However, to put a figure on average SEO expert costs, they can range anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars and more.   

The cost of SEO experts can vary greatly depending on the SEO package you buy, the hours involved to optimise your website, how many search terms or keywords you want to rank on and which services you require.   Consider the broad range of things you can expect from an SEO expert.  

Additionally, the hours required to properly SEO your website is largely dependent on the industry you are in and how competitive it is as well as your current website and how well it is already optimised.  That includes the size of your website and your websites performance.

Generally, most providers will calculate SEO packages based on expected hours to fulfil your SEO needs.   At Found Online, we have a range of packages to chose from to suit your needs. 

Do I need to hire SEO experts? Or can I DIY?

If you have the resource, knowledge and skill set to do so, there is no reason why you can’t start to DIY SEO your website.  There are, however, some things you might want to consider first when deciding to DIY SEO or not to DIY SEO.

To get your website to page one in search engine results pages for competitive keywords and search terms, it takes a specific skill set as well as a lot of hours to do.  SEO experts know how to craft perfectly optimised content, create visual content and media, understand and be able to update your website performance including technical updates as well as to engage with other website owners and mangers to get backlinks … These are just a few of the things an SEO expert can do for you.  This can take hours every month which you may not have to spare.  

Search engines are constantly updating their algorithms too.  Google makes minor changes to theirs multiple times a day with major changes announced and made less frequently.   Staying up to date and being able to test what works and what doesn’t as well as analyse data and mine for usable insights, is all critical to your success.

Using an SEO expert just means you can focus on what you do best letting your SEO provider get you results faster.    

Do I have to keep paying for SEO experts?

Because competition is fierce online and there is no such thing as set and forget when it comes to SEO.

Everything from your competitors updating their website or startin to spend on an ad campaign through to Google announcing changes in what they will prioritise in their ranking criteria, all need to be monitored and acted upon.

SEO Experts keep up to date with changes in Google algorithms.  They also help with constant new content and optimisation of your profile online.  Not only does Google prioritise newly updated content, but this ongoing improvement helps you stay ahead of the competition.