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Content Marketing Secrets: 9 “Magic” Tips to Make Your Content more engaging

Make your content more engaging with these 9 tips.

Customer Engagement is the new black when it comes to SEO in recent times.  Gone are the days of keyword stuffing and link farms, now it’s all about creating content that users are looking for and that they want to engage with.

Google’s algorithms now monitor user engagement, amongst other online experience metrics as part of their ranking factors.  That means, user engagement can now have a direct impact on your search rankings.

That’s not to say that technical SEO is dead.  It’s far from the truth.   Rather that, content creators and businesses online should be focusing content creation more on engagement.   But how do you create content that is engaging? 

What is User Engagement?

User Engagement is a term usually used to describe the interactions between a user and a business or the level of interest a user has in a business, their product or their content online.  

How is Engagement Measured Online?

User Engagement is typically measured by the interactions a user has with a business and/or it’s products and content online such as time spent on page, clicks, enquiries, content shares, mentions on social media and conversations online with the business.

Top nine tips that will make your content more engaging online

1) Know your core audience and what they find engaging online

How do you know what to say, if you don’t know who you’re talking to? That’s not a trick question. It’s a critical aspect of writing engaging content.

There is always a core group that will be open to you and your content. Your core group of readers is the most likely to share your content on social media. They’re also usually the first to buy when you launch a new product. More importantly, they care about what you have to say.

Do some digging and figure out whom you connect with easily. For example, you could be marketing to self-employed accountants. Once you’ve defined your core group, make sure your content fits their needs. As a result, they will see you as an authority. They’ll be attracted to you and your message.

Even so, content writer beware, as this group of users / potential website visitors, will be interested in different content, have different questions that need answering and will search and engage with different content topics online depending on which phase of their buyer journey they are at.  Therefore, it is important to really understand your audience and how they shop your industry and/or products.

Buyer journey is the active process a buyer experiences before making a purchase decision.  It involves awareness of a problem or need, considering different solutions to solve the problem, and then making a decision between the different solutions to make a purchase decision.

2) Focus on solving problems

People read content because they want solutions to issues they struggle with. As much as it’s important to entertain, there needs to be a definite problem that your content solves. Choose topics that give readers hope for a less painful life.

When you’ve figured out what problems your audience cares about, it’s like waving a magic wand. Your readers will be mesmerised because they will feel you’ve hit the right spot. Think of the questions your readers might have on their minds. Better still, look at the problems you’ve solved for yourself. You can use them to create a deep connection with your readers.

3) One problem at a time

People are most likely to buy from you when they’re focused. Plus, you need to keep them on track while they’re reading. For this reason, make sure each content piece deals with just one issue or challenge.

Take this article as an example. If you feel your content needs to be “more engaging” that’s a challenge. So, each tip deals with just that one problem. This approach can give you a substantial boost in sales when you apply it.

4) Tell them what to do next (have a call to action);

Rather than leave your customers without a clear next step, encourage them to keep engaging with you.  A compelling call to action can do just that.

If you sell a product, the next step might be to contact you for more info. You may invite your readers to read the sales copy. They could also sign up to your mailing list.

Again, that’s why it’s essential that you relate your content to problems. After all, that’s why your business exists – to help people. Make sure each content piece tells them what to do next.

5) Use simple words

Simple words make your content easy to grasp. If they have to look up definitions in a dictionary, you’re in trouble. Nobody wants to think too hard when reading online content.

Keep in mind that your reader’s world is already full of distractions. The easier you make it for them to go through your content, the more likely they are to stick to the end. Don’t worry about this when creating your first draft though. Write what’s comfortable for your first. Then, simplify your content during editing.

6) Read it out loud

Reading your content out loud will help you catch mistakes. You’ll also get a better feel for how your material flows. Do this even if you hired someone to write the content for you.

Use your computer’s text-to-speech function, if it has one. You could also ask a trusted friend to read it for you. The best part is this process is fun once you get to use. In fact, it can be slightly addictive, and that’s a good thing.

7) Use these “hacks” to help you write faster

There are several “hacks” that can make the writing process easier and faster.

  • Use outlines. If you plan what you’re going to write ahead of time, your brain won’t strain to come up with words.
  • Remove all distractions. You need to ignore anything that could take you away from the keyboard.
  • If you write on topics you enjoy, your writing will speed up on its own. That’s because you’ll enter a state of natural flow. You will have more fun, and your content will be more appealing.

These little hacks can make a massive difference to your writing speed. Take them seriously.

8) Get attention first

Grabbing attention is the hardest thing in content marketing. The trick is to choose the right topic and create a good title because readers look at the title first. If they like it, they pay attention. It’s as simple as that.

9) Write to one person

Top radio presenters know and use this secret all the time. People feel a strong connection when they think you’re speaking directly to them. They don’t want to think about thousands of other people. They want to believe the content was created just for them.

To make this work, close your eyes for a minute. Picture your reader looking at what you’re about to write. Try to feel what their situation is. Then, imagine them taking the action you want, such as buying your product. Once you have that firmly in your mind, begin writing. This tip alone can bring magical results to your bank account.

In Summary

These tips are the foundation for creating content that makes readers feel good. It leads them to action and helps them deal with a problem. Read them over one more time. Write down the ideas you are ready to apply right away. If you have any questions, get in touch now!

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