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Written content for all platforms

Content writers Australia

Our local content writing team support marketing and SEO efforts, by providing beautifully crafted written content for all platforms.  Engage our content writing team for website copy, social media and blog posts and more.   

We write short-form and long-form content for SEO. This includes on-page copy, product descriptions, social media posts, and downloadable content.  All written articles are keyword optimised so as to improve your visibility online. 

Content writers that know your audiance

Targeted content writing

Our content writers get to know your business, your products and your services.   We also research topics thoroughly before writing your content.  It is our customer focussed approach, however, that helps us target your audience perfectly every time.  

Our content writers produce well-researched content that is properly sourced and crafted with engaging language and images.  We are also experienced in writing about complex and technical topics.  Moreover, All content is properly optimised for targeted keywords to support your SEO.  

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Found Online SEO gets higher search engine rankings for businesses in highly competitive markets online. 

Short form content

Keyword-optimised content that is perfectly tailored to your audience in order to improve your SEO. This includes written articles, written blog posts, copy for social media posts, advertising copy, and more.

Long form content

Because search engines love meaty, unique and informative content.  We write website page copy, long-form blog articles, ebooks, white papers, and other downloadable content.

Technical content

We can even write technical-style content.  This includes content relating to technical products as well as content where users require technical information about products and/or services. That's because we take the time to research complex and technical topics.  

Website copy

We provide website copy that is fully optimised for search as part of our on-page optimisation services.  This includes optimising current content as well as new keyword optimised content for your website.  Because this is still number one for search rankings.

Product descriptions

Writing unique product descriptions that are also keyword-optimised, original and compelling is tough.  That's why we provide experienced product description writing services and product marketing expertise to get your products ranking on SERPs.

Marketing materials

Our content writers know how to write compelling content for all marketing materials.  So let us provide your creative advertising copy, social media copy and PPC / Google ads copy.  Whatever your campaign, let us craft your story, and you'll get better search results.

We do things differently

Why choose Found Online content writers

There are a lot of cheap content writing services out there and, for simple products and non-complex content needs, these might be more than ok.  However, much of the work is outsourced overseas where the writers’ first language isn’t English.  This means a lot of time and effort is needed internally for editing the material you receive from these services.

For those needing highly tailored content, researched content or complex content writing, your best bet is to get in contact with us.  That’s because we have the experience and skills of a Sydney-based team of content writers.

Avoid disappointment and, instead, work with an agency that takes the time to understand your business and your products.  

Supporting your online marketing, we optimise your existing content by providing new, fully keyword-optimised writing for your website, your blog or your marketing.  

And if that’s not appealing enough, we also have fully flexible pricing packages and services to suit your needs.  

We get your market because we're local

Outsource writing content to Australian writers

Outsource your content writing locally

In industries where there is a lot of competition online, quality content crafted and shared regularly is critical to their success.  But in-house marketing teams often struggle to find the time to dedicate to the volume of new and optimised content needed to get and maintain great search rankings online.  That’s because Marketing teams are normally stretched as it is with numerous competing responsibilities. 

That’s why we support marketing teams and their efforts with quality written content perfectly targeted to their audience.  Given we are local, our content writers know how to write for a local audience, saving you on editing and rewriting, which is an issue with many content writing services online. 

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Be more strategic with your written content plan

Content writing for SEO

Everything we do starts with a buyer-centric, insight-lead strategy and this includes our content writing services. 

Our services include ongoing content plans as part of a broader SEO strategy or as standalone plans based on buyer behaviour and extensive keyword research and data analytics.  We work with you to identify the right themes and topics to write about as well as to craft the right tone of voice in our writing.  Then we outline the planned new content with posting dates.

It is this strategic approach, based on users and not only search engines, that gets you better search results with superior content writing.  

Found Online provide strategic content writing services for improved SEO.

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