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Local SEO agency

Found Online is a local SEO agency based in Sydney.  We help small and local businesses get superior search engine ranking results for locality based and “near me” searches online.  

Our local team understands your local market and our content writers know how to engage your audience.   That’s why you know you’re in good hands when you outsource your local SEO efforts with us.

Offering fully flexible SEO packages to suit you and your business needs, we deliver superior ROI for all businesses. 

Improve local search visibility

Improve visibility for local search queries online. Work with a local SEO agency in Sydney that gets you ranked higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) for locality-based search queries. We’re experts in local search engine optimisation, content marketing, and website development.

Fast results

Get found faster and by more of your local customers online. We understand the local market better than other SEOs because we are local. From the initial audit of your website to the time we take to learn your business, we can formulate a balanced plan to attract more local customers fast.

no mandatory lock in contracts

No mandatory lock-in contracts. Local businesses can benefit from leading local search experts without the stress of lock-in contracts. The results are what keep our clients working with us. We don’t need to lock you into lengthy contracts. We more than pay for ourselves in results.

local team in sydney

Australian-based local team. Local SEO is best left to local SEO experts. We're a local Sydney-based team of local search engine optimisation providers, website designers, content writers, creators, and local SEO strategists. All in-house in Sydney Australia.

Local search queries are growing

Can you afford to not have local SEO?

  • As many as 46% of all Google searches are local.
  • 78% of local searches on mobile result in an offline purchase.
  • At least 71% of all clicks are on sites appearing in the first-page search results.

That means your website needs to be there if you want customers to find you online. Businesses these days can’t afford to not incorporate local SEO into their overall online marketing and SEO strategies.  

Whether you’re a dentist, a plastic surgeon, a restaurant, an accountant, a lawyer, a doctor, a pharmacy, a gym or any other service provider or if you are an online retailer in a competitive e-commerce space, Local SEO is more important than ever. 

Our Local SEO Services

Locality based SEO

From on page SEO, content creation, backlink outreach, internal linking and technical SEO to website Design for SEO.  Our expertise is getting websites in competitive and local markets ranked top of page one for more keywords and search terms that drive the most valuable traffic to you and your website.

Geo targeting

We can build unique websites and landing pages for each of your business localities.   We then optimise them, link them with their unique Google listing and all other directory listings to get them ranking higher in search results for searches in and around those areas.   Ongoing we continue to optimise these pages to keep getting you found online.

Google my Business

Google My Business Page (GMB) optimisation to get you top of the pack.  Because 40% of organic traffic will click on Google business listings, not your website, you need to be in the top 3.   We can optimise your Google my Business page and Google Maps listing as well as manage both ongoing to keep you at the top of the pack.  

Local citations

The more times you’re listed online and the more links to your site, the more traffic is likely to come your way.  But did you know if you aren’t consistent with your listings, it could hurt your SEO?   We can get you listed on more local directories the right way to improve your website SEO and drive traffic from more online sources.

Local content

Content is king when it comes to SEO and the same applies to local SEO services. That's why you need localised content for local search. We can craft unique, keyword-optimised content for your business and each location.  This includes page copy, blog articles, Google my business posts and social media content and more. 


Every digital touchpoint needs to be crafted and written in a way that is consistent and that engages and converts users to click, enquire, hire, buy or share.  We can manage all of your digital marketing to ensure your brand is consistent and all activity is optimised online. 

Work with our local SEO agency Sydney

Get Found Online with local SEO

Found Online is the leading local SEO firm in Sydney for getting higher search engine rankings for businesses in highly competitive markets online. 

How to rank in SERPs for local search queries

What is Local SEO?

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Local Search Engine Optimisation

Local SEO is much the same as SEO in that it is about getting your website higher in search rankings in order to increase your online visibility and therefore increase traffic to your website.  The difference is that local SEO is about doing this for locality-based searches and “near me” searches. 

Around half of all searches online are for local products and/or services.  Where searches are on mobile devices, this is much higher.   Therefore, it is becoming more and more important for businesses to appear in local searches.   

It is also important to note that Google and other search engines use geo-targeting to return the most relevant websites and online content for search queries.   This is true whether the user includes a locality or “near me” in their search query or not.

Local SEO ensures that your website is visible in search engine results pages for locations your business is based or where your services cover.   

How to get local SEO right

Local SEO is best achieved with a holistic approach to SEO, just like normal SEO, except with a few additions.   Local directory listings and local citations, Google my business listings and the importance of your name, address and phone number consistency online are just a few key elements you need to get right.  In addition to this, you will want to consider locality-based content, optimising your website for locality-based searches and social media cues.

All of this, can be time-consuming for many business owners and even challenging for internal marketing teams that are already stretched with other marketing priorities.   That’s why Found online offers flexible local SEO services to support the growth of your business through local online searches. 

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We do things differently

Why use our Local SEO agency Sydney?

We’re a truly local team of Local search experts, web developers and content writers.  

Not many SEOs can say they provide all of the services you need to rank higher in local search queries.  We can.  That’s because we have a local team that offers proven skills and expertise across the entire marketing mix.  And that matters now more than it ever has before.

Recent Google algorithm updates mean that the face of local SEO has completely changed.  No longer can you buy backlinks, keyword stuff or cheat algorithms with location-based geotagging.   Search engines deliver quality content that is locally relevant better than ever before.  So your online presence has to do the same.  

Overseas providers simply can’t deliver the required local content creation services you need.  But we can. 

We understand the market that you play here in Australia and online.  We get your business and we know how to engage your local audiences.   That’s how we continue to get our local clients better results in SERPS than our competitors can.   

Found Online SEO agency Sydney has the know-how and expertise to provide local search engine optimisation services that get results.  We offer 20 years of experience and we have proven results getting businesses in competitive environments to the top of page one SERPs.  That’s why we’re confident we can do the same for you, even if your prior agency couldn’t.


Found Online is a new type of local SEO agency

The Local SEO agency that gets results

Local Expertise

Offering more than 20 years of experience and results getting local businesses found online.  Our expertise covers local search engine optimisation, the complete digital marketing mix and website development. What sets us apart is our local team that gets your business.


Local SEO requires skills and expertise but it isn’t the enigma some providers will have you believe.  That’s why we’re fully transparent about everything we do to improve your online visibility.  Tracking reports are also provided regularly so you can monitor our performance.


We support internal marketing teams with local SEO, content creation and digital marketing services they need.  We are flexible in the packages we design to ensure they suit your business perfectly now and set you up for future success.  

What our clients say about Found Online

Found Online guided our social media and content strategy early-on, when I was trying to Foliagenator off the ground.  This helped us build an engaged audience on Facebook which went on to be a successful business online.  

Niko De Cseuz​

Work with the leading local SEO agency

Get found online with local SEO

Found Online SEO gets higher search engine rankings for businesses in highly competitive markets online. 

Frequently asked questions

Ask us anything

Local SEO services 

SEO’s improve your visibility online and get you more traffic by optimising your website and/or other digital profiles for relevant search queries.   Local SEOs do the same thing but with a focus on increasing visibility with your local market and driving them to your website.  They do this by optimising for local search queries and those with local intent.   


What’s the difference between local SEO and normal SEO

The main difference with local SEO is that local audiences and local search queries are targeted in a more focused and strategic way.   This might involve different keywords and search terms.  It also includes optimising all online portfolios for each of the geographical locations your business exists.  This is done with local content, consistent name, addresses and phone number use, Google maps and Google Business listing optimisation, and other tactics to rank higher for local search.

Local Citations

Local citations are mentions on third-party directory sites including your business name, address, and phone number.  They also often include a link back to your website. 

Local citations are a great way to start building backlinks and backlink diversity.  This can help improve your domain authority.  Given the direct link between domain authority and search rankings, local citations in local directories online, are important for your search strategy. 

Can you manage my local citations for me?

Absolutely.  Getting your business listing in more local directories with links to your website is a service that we support clients with all the time.  

Get in touch to discuss your needs and get a quote.

How to optimise your Google Map and Google Business Listing

Once you’ve claimed your Google Business listing, you have to optimise your business listing so that your business appears higher in the Google map pack.  For how to do that, we have created a guide for optimising your Google My Business for SEO.   


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