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Pay Per Click (PPC)

Jump ahead of the pack with first place positioning and winning google ads.  You only Pay Per Click (PPC) making PPC a great way to stand out and get your products and/or services noticed online. 

We are google ads experts with a shared goal – delivering you the right traffic, better ROI and results.  

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PPC campaigns that get results

Pay per click campaigns means every dollar counts.   It’s critical that you are targeting the right audience in the right way in order to turn those dollars to revenue.  

We get better ROI for our clients with strategic PPC campaigns, in depth buyer analytics and cleverly written, keyword optimised ads that work. 


Google ads experts  …. Daily ad campaign monitoring……Better ROI…..

Approximately 10% of website traffic is associated with PPC advertising. That number jumps to around 60% or more when a customer has made their decision to buy..  Users that ended up on your site organically, often return a number of times before a purchase decision is made.  Advertising can assist in converting those users when they are ready to buy, ensuring your site stands out at this stage of their buyer journey and through targeted remarketing activity.

Targeting those that are ready to buy, can drive increased revenue, ensuring you get the traffic when it matters most.  Understanding when users are most likely to buy and the keywords they are likely to search at that stage of the buyer journey is key here.


How we get you better results from your PPC campaigns

Targeting the right keywords

Get rid of inefficient keywords and maximise those that perform the best.  We complete thorough analysis and buyer journey mapping to identify the best keywords to target for your campaigns. 

Targeting the right users

Retargeting…. Those most likely to buy and at the time they are ready to buy.   Mix of keyword targeting, tracking data and retargeting techniques to delivery ads the will deliver traffic from the customers you want.

Maximising ad efficiency 

Ramp up your advertising on the right days and the right times to maximises efficiency.  Monitor competitor activity, user behaviour and align with buyer behaviour to get better traffic and better ROI from your advertising spend. 

Ongoing Campaign Management 

Unfortunately in the game of PPC and SEO, there is no such thing as set and forget. 

FAQs for snippets – For schema markup

How much does PPC cost? 

This varies considerably from industry to industry and is based on the level of competition for particular keywords.  The cost of a click could range anywhere from a few cents to $50 or more. 

When starting a PPC campaign, you will set a budget based on your goals.  Once you have the right strategy in place, a higher budget and send can mean greater impressions and so better results.  But this isn’t always the case. 

The best thing to do is to let us know your goals and target revenu return and we can provide a quote with our recommendations.  

What is CPC?

CPC stands for cost per click.  It is the cost a business pays per click on a link for a given search term.   The CPC is allocated by search engines ie. google if buying google ads, and is based on the level of competition around those search terms at the time.

Is PPC the same as Paid Search?

Yes, PPC is the most common paid search model.

Is SEM the same as PPC?

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. Search Engine Marketing is everything that a business does to stand out in search engines and drive traffic to their website. Therefore, SEM is commonly used to describe both SEO and PPC combined.