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seo strategy

Good SEO starts with good buyer led SEO strategy

Set the foundation for success with SEO strategy designed with the data-led insights and the buyer journey first.   This is how we design the right strategy that will get you ranked higher in search engine results pages faster. 

Starting with an indepth analysis of your website, your competition and online buyer behaviour, we select keywords, plan content and set out website performance improvements.   

Because we are a holistic SEO provider, we include all online activity that could have a direct or indirect impact on your SEO results.  This includes off-page content, social media activity, advertising, and more.

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What is SEO Strategy?

SEO strategy sets the course or direction for your online activity in order to improve your online visibility.  In turn, this drives more traffic to your website.  It involves research, analysis and planning.  It outlines the steps you will take to improve your search engine rankings as well as the process you will follow.   

A typical SEO strategy will include each of the following;

– Keyword research
– Buyer journey mapping
– Content planning
– Keyword mapping (map keywords to site pages)
– Tactics to build backlinks 

SEO strategy sets the foundation for your online brand image, personality and how you plan on engaging with customers online.  With a consistent approach based on data-driven insights, a good SEO strategy can deliver far greater results and much faster

Why our SEO strategies deliver superior search rankings?

Because everything we do starts and ends with the end-user or buyer in mind.  Our content and media selection is based on buyer journeys.  Keyword selection is based on unique and popular search terms and questions asked online.   While our website design has always been based on delivering the best user experience possible and our content is designed to add value.  

We generate buyer insights and make data lead decisions for everything we do from keyword selection to content to website design.  With this buyer focussed mindset in place, the right decisions are made and the best user experience is created every time.

This is what search engines have always indexed highest.   That’s why we are prepared for google updates and why we can consistently get a competitive advantage for our clients. 

If you need a better SEO strategy that delivers better traffic to your website, get in touch with found online. 

Found Online guided our social media and content strategy which helped us build a successful business online.

Niko De Cseuz