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Mobile friendly, search friendly website design for SEO

Your website is the face of the business and your silent salesperson.  Customers search online before making a purchase decision and your brand image is impacted by your site design and its performance.

What’s more is, with recent google changes to their ranking measures, your site load speed and page experience have never mattered more. 

 Website design for SEO is now also website design with the consumer in mind.  Page experience, load speeds and website performance are all google rankings factors now. That’s why Found Online website developers build powerful, fast-loading websites that get ranked high online. 

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Great websites matter to SEO, your brand and your business

Website design for SEO and real people

Website designed with page experience and performance  in mind now matters more than ever for search results and converting sales.

Websites need to be beautifully made, in line with your corporate identity and with easy intuitive navigation.  They need to be technically adept for search engines and humans alike. 

That means they need to be fast, engaging and relevant across every aspect from design to content.  Most of all, they need to drive customers to act, whether that be to contact, book or buy.   

Found Online designs and builds beautiful, search optimised websites that attract, retain and convert your customers.

Website Development Services

We have a team of highly skilled website developers ready to craft your website design for SEO, conversions and sales.


We design websites that customers want to interact with and that convert visitors to sales.  Whether you’re looking to build a new website or upgrade an existing one, Found Online deliver aesthetically pleasing, conversion rate optimised website design with search engines and user experience in mind.  



Many of our clients know and like to use WordPress and Shopify for their websites.   When business grows your site should with you too.  That’s why we offer WordPress and Shopify customisations to improve functionality and performance within platforms our clients know and love.


There’s no such thing as set and forget when it comes to your website.  Addressing changing business needs, customer behaviour and technology improvements is critical to ensuring your ongoing online success.  

We help you stay relevant online, providing regular upgrades, installation updates and design improvements.  


eCommerce sites have unique needs.  From the sheer volume of content, to improved security and conversion rate optimisation.   We offer comprehensive eCommerce  services including; Website development, WordPress customisations, Shopify store front, content creation, strategy and more.


Get more traffic to your website with websites that are search engine optimised.  From keywords and search terms to design and performance, to get you better search engine results page rankings.  Because there’s no use having a beautiful website if nobody can find you. 


Everything we do starts and ends with the customer in mind.  We take a strategic approach to what we do and so start with buyer insights.  We also provide regular reports to monitor how we’re tracking against what we said we would do for you.

Website content designed for search

The role of your online content is to attract, retain and convert your audience from visitors to sales and/or bookings and ultimately revenue for your business.  Therefore, it’s fair to say your branded content has a big role to play online. 

Website copy should be written and designed in a way that not only attracts your audience but that compels them to act.  That is, to click to buy, contact, share or hire.  More than that, it needs to be optimised for search engines and humans alike. 

This requires a mix of technical capability and knowledge of search engine algorithms to create content in a way that search engines recognise and give preference to when indexed for search.   As well as that, content needs to be both engaging and relevant to your audience and your search terms.

We have a team of content writers ready to optimise your website for search.  

I was impressed with how well they understood my business and were then able to build a great website that reflected the style of my photography so well. ​


Joseph Giuenta 
Joseph RG Photography