Website Performance (and why it matters!)

Get found with a better website

Website performance is integral to your customer acquisition and retention strategy. A fast loading well designed website will not only get you higher search rankings but will improve user experience and drive more clicks, enquiries, bookings and buys.  That means more revenue for you.

Paying for SEO and not getting the results you expected?   

Things like page load speed and cumulative layout shift both matter to your search rankings but many companies still treat these as separate from SEO, as do some SEO providers. 

We take a holistic approach to SEO.  We understand the relationship between all of your online communications efforts.  With experts in both SEO and website development we can ensure you get the results you need.  

Why website performance matters;

  1.  Website performance impacts conversion rates

You may have the best products at the best price or offer the best service there is.  But if your customers aren’t sticking around long enough to find out about them or they can’t find your site in the first place, it’s not going to do you or your business any good. 

A study by Aberdeen found that for every second beyond the two second mark that a site took to load, conversion rates drop 7% and page views drop by 11%.  According to Google Small Business Blog, for each additional second it takes a mobile page to load, conversions can drop by up to 20%.

For a business that generates $10,000 a day, that results in around $2.5 million to $4.5 million in revenue annually. 

  1. Website performance impacts SEO 

Core web vitals – Load speed and layout shift – are now key measures used by google to determine site rankings on search engine page results (SERPS).  That means, if your site performance is suffering, so will your SEO, making it harder for your customers to find you online. 

This was a relatively recent algorithm change by Google.  However, prior to that and still just as important, website performance impacts user experience and therefore user engagement with your site and conversion rates. 

When a customer engages with your content, staying on your site, Google determines this is because you have relevant content based on their search.  Where content isn’t relevant, Google will drop rankings.  So with that in mind, we need to consider what happens when your website performance isn’t up to scratch

The Aberdeen study demonstrates that improved load speed results in better conversions – for every second beyond the two second mark that a site took to load, conversion rates drop 7% and page views drop by 11%.  Similarly, bounce rates increase as users can’t be bothered sticking around to wait for the page to load. 

With high rates of users bouncing out of your site,Google would attribute those high bounce rates and low engagement with poor keyword relevance.  As a result, Google would drop your search ranking accordingly. 

  1. Brand Image and Reputation

Imagine if a tech giant had a poor performing website.  Would you feel confident in their capability?  

Your website is the face of your business online.  It is often the first and last experience a user or customer will have with you.   Therefore the experience they have with your website will influence the way they view your products and your services.  

Poor design and user experience, long load times and frustrating navigation where you can’t find what you need, are all going to impact users impressions of your business..  On the flip side, a well designed website that deliver the right message and brand image, wil impact the value users attribute to your products and/or services.

Better Performance Means Higher Conversions – More clicks, more sign ups, enquiries, bookings and buys.  

If you want to win in highly competitive spaces online and in local markets, business needs to start looking beyond the classic SEO principles.   A holistic approach to digital, including website performance, user experience and SEO, delivers better search rankings, more traffic, higher conversion rates and more revenue.

How Found Online SEO and website professionals can help you.

We take a holistic approach to your digital marketing.  From SEO to website design and conversion rate optimisation to everything in between and beyond, our goal is to do the things online that you need to do to get more revenu. 

We get businesses in highly competitive and local markets to top of page one search results and then we help convert traffic to sales.   

We’re so confident in our ability to help drive your business goals online, that, unlike other SEO providers, we have no lock in contracts.  We believe great service and great results will keep our clients coming back. 

Our Web Performance Services

  • Complete site audit with recommendations to improve website performance
  • Mobile responsive website monitoring, development and optimisation
  • Media compression and optimisation 
  • Hosting with lightning fast delivery and CDN management
  • Seamless website migrations to new domains and/or hosting providers
  • WordPress and shopify Installation and plugin upgrades
  • WordPress and shopify customisations
  • Programing logic review 
  • Website design and development