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Get your free SEO audit report here.   We will review your 

  • entire online presence,
  • complete a website and SEO audit and
  • provide recommendations to help you grow your business online.
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Free SEO audit report Sydney

Build the foundation of your SEO strategy and digital marketing roadmap on data, not opinion.

Your free digital presence report will look at your current position and where your biggest opportunities are.  The audit will review how easy you are to find online, your website and any other digital profiles you have.  We will also look at your competitors for untapped competitive opportunities.  

  • Keyword analysis (inc competitor keywords) 
  • Competitor performance across platforms
  • Website health audit and recommendations
  • Backlink audit and recommendations
  • Content audit and recommendations

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Free SEO audit report for improved marketing decisions

Expert advice and insight into what’s working for you online and what’s not.

It’s rare to find a business with spare change just lying around to throw at every marketing idea that comes their way.  Your free SEO and website audit report will help you understand where to invest to build better online marketing capability and campaigns that drive success.

SEO is an ongoing process.  No digital profile is optimised and that’s it, all done and dusted.  Your competitors are going to respond to your activity to keep their website on top.  Also, Google prefers fresh content and up-to-date websites.  As such, ongoing work across all of your digital platforms including your website is a must to stay on top.

Use our report to help write your brief for website improvements and SEO.  Your web developers and SEO providers will focus on what you want to see.   Make sure they know you want a comprehensive approach and ensure you’re asking for the right stuff.  

Your free website and SEO audit report will include recommendations for all digital media that you might not realise you need to focus on to get to the top of page 1 in SERPs.   What are the hidden factors for success and where is your digital marketing going wrong?

Free Audit Report Request

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Your Free SEO audit report and website review awaits

A site audit is the best way to assess how your online presence is performing at a glance.  It provides information on what can be improved on your website from easy broken link fixes through to identifying which content pages need improvement. Your current rank is analysed and compared to other competitors that are vying for similar search terms and local SEO placement.

We will run a snapshot audit of your website through some of the industry-standard tools and send you the report along with a high-level analysis of where you can start improving things as a result.

Your free digital presence audit report will also include recommendations for what’s next, how to maximise your current online elements and where you need to ramp it up. 

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